We are physically free but mentally enslaved..

January 30, 2011 § 5 Comments

Mental slavery is new form of warfare. It is strategic. It deceives us to be a part of something great but is actually nothing more than a war where the other party wants to conquer our minds and rot us in a tricky way that we would never realize what really happened. It is to destroy a nation or a group of people in the most strategic manner that it would appear to them as glamorous but in real would be tragic.

Formal slavery is dead in most of the world but since we are accustomed to slavery because of our region’s history of slavery, we choose to be mentally slaves to societal traditions, fashions, status and trends. We are so accustomed to these ideas and since they are deeply rooted in our society that we refuse not be attached with such a thing. These societal trends make us slaves to their changes, their thoughts and we like being a part of them, more over we alter ourselves, we change our identities to be a part of this enslavement program.  We do all this to impress our own people and we do not realize for a second that we lose our uniqueness, our identity of being our self by choosing to be slaves to societal mindset; good or bad. This makes us lose our power of thought, we don’t think, don’t question, don’t analyze, we just believe that what’s happening is right, we go for face value, the superficiality of the situation rather than the depth and reason in it.

I believe that we are not mentally enslaved, we choose to be mentally enslaved because we get easily influenced by surroundings and as Gandhi puts it,

 “Freedom and slavery are mental states”

I second this thought because it’s all about the way we think and how strong enough we are to keep intact our originality, our uniqueness in this world.  When we are born, our body adapts to the environment in order to survive but what we are doing is we change our identity to be a part of society or to survive in this world. It is not someone who pushes us in the well of mental enslavement but its WE who decide to be the slaves ourselves, not physically but mentally. It is the modern type of slavery and we can’t blame anyone for it except for us, who chooses to be a part of it.

I never in real understood the value of questioning; when our science teacher would show us a certain phenomenon and would coerce us to question it. For me, it was plain stupidity to question a phenomenon which was natural but now, I do understand. It is important to question, it keeps our inquisitive nature alive and our brain keeps processing and analyzing. Slavery is brain death. It’s like you just have to follow what you’ve been told to. You are programmed rather than having your own thoughts on the matter. Once we go into mental slavery we become robots, we are no different from others in the mental slavery program and thus no brain activity which is how our brain dies eventually. We have no power of decision, no creativity in our tasks and we are no different than others. It doesn’t make us stand distinctly it merges us in the crowd of mentally conquered people, people who are mentally dead.

In the end I would just like to say what James Allen, statesman of New Zealand said,

“Before complaining that you are a slave to another, be sure that you are not a slave to self. Look within;…You will find there, perchance, slavish thoughts, slavish desires, and in your daily life and conduct slavish habits. Conquer these; cease to be a slave to self, and no man will have the power to enslave you.


Fields are won by those who believe in winning

January 28, 2011 § 5 Comments

The great American novelist, Thomas Wolfe said,

“Fields are won by those who believe in winning”

This conjures up my kindergarten race and the will power, attitude and dedication I had that time. It was my kindergarten race and like all I wanted to win it. My goal was the shiny trophy and the chocolates which came in silver wrapping. As soon as the race started I ran as fast as I could, idealizing the black beauty horse who was known for his valor, will power and devotion. The scorching heat of summer, the dust blowing from running and chants did not matter, I ran as fast as I could and even when I fell down on the rocky ground, I picked myself up quickly, wiped the dust off my knee and started my race once again, this time with more enthusiasm and dedication. It was my first race ever and I learnt that to win any race of life we only need to believe in ourselves and keep the right attitude.

Victory is not about winning the sport. It is about our attitude, dedication and believe with which we strive to achieve our aim. Then whether we fail or succeed, it does not matter. We are still victorious because of our winning attitude, strong will power and hearty dedication.  As26th US President Theodore Roosevelt said,

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Will power is the strength to act in pursuit of a goal and a man can do anything and everything only if he believes in himself and says he CAN. It makes him comfortable with what he is about to do and then he has to exert less effort in picking himself up when he falls down then even the biggest obstacles and hurdles along the way does not matter. They look like pebbles and removing them from our path becomes easier than ever. This will power and comfort level towards the goal defines ones attitude.

Our attitude is tendency or orientation of mind towards a certain thing. We always have a choice as to which attitude to choose; good or bad. Nothing and no one dictates our choice. We are free to adopt or reject good or bad, positive or negative attitude. Attitude is infectious; it is the first thing that people pick about a person so our attitude can help us win or fail in different arenas even before when the race has begun. Our attitude defines our mental formation and when we work to achieve our target it reflects in our behavior, work and effort. As we all know, Actions are louder than words, so these actions declare themselves a place even before the race ends.

 Attitude drives our behavior, behavior defines our performance and performance composes our result. So, to summarize the whole phenomenon; attitude makes or breaks a person. It either can lead you towards success or can cause damage. We literally choose our result by the way we attend to things, which is our attitude.  

I don’t know to when does this quote of Thomas Wolfe dates back but I understood the meaning of this quote the day I ran the first race of my life – my kindergarten race with all my best buddies by my side.

when a friend stoops low.. part 2

January 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Also, never ever ever ever ask a favor from a new friend of yours because as quick as they are in judging you, they are even more quick in judging your intentions.. which leaves a very bad taste..

It’s from experience!

when a friend stoops low..

January 27, 2011 § 5 Comments

The worst thing is when you are judged by someone who is not your best friend but a friend infact you are in process of bonding with that person and somehow you do manage to do that but that person offends you every now and then especially about yourself!

Now speaking logically, one should disregard such comments and keep moving on because such friends do not know you entirely and you just can’t be open to others about your life when you don’t trust them completely. Trusting completely is an issue especially when you do not have good experiences and obviously it is not a good idea to open up about yourself, it could be harmful.


When those friends pick your words or make fun of your job or try degrading what you do and how you do what you do then it is difficult to speak about them in good words or understand their mind frame because they dont respect you!

I can’t conclude this post here because there are many answers to a question and many unanswered questions to this kind of friendship and many expectations like “we meet, we talk, we become friends, we share secrets and voila! best friends forever!” so I will write again and hopefully more completely next time..

Problems with problem

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If you really want to win something or at something, you need the courage to face that thing and hold it until you feel you are comfortable with it. You don’t need to grow on that thing nor does that thing has to grow on you, you just need to get comfortable with that.

That is how the attitude of a winner should be..

If you want to succeed in a difficult task, If you want to accomplish a deadline or you want to live your life rather than ending it then you need to face all the pressing issues within and with that task of yours.. Sometimes just saying out these simple words that I have a problem with this thing or I will face this problem, solves a lot of our problems with that problem..

We are never ready to face our problems or our problems with problem. Sometimes acknowledging the problems with our problem is even more problematic than the actual problem.. then winning that problem is a totally different subject to discuss.. 🙂

I have problems with my problem and I have no idea how to deal with it yet alone win it and yes, I am the kind of person who gets very upset, dejected, heart broken, shattered and devastated when the chocolate ice dream melts down.. My chocolate ice dream has not melted yet but I am not having a good feeling.. dangling but hoping.. hoping and believing because I want my chocolate ice dream.. I want it..

Brain crap – not worth reading!

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I have nothing fancy to tell or write about.. I’m having one of those nerve pulling headaches that I have after an exhausting day and sometimes after an exhaustive conversation either its with someone or with myself.. The sun has set and I have still few days of independence.. After few days I would be bound to commitments and things will not be easy as they look.. Things are never easy by the way..

Everything starts out fresh but turns into a familiar experience after sometime.. You know I have never been able to use big words which make you seem like someone B I G.. I have this tendency to jump from one topic to another very easily when I having one of these headaches.. ARGH! I wish we all had a spare head which we could use everytime we had these mad headaches..

Nothing’s really interesting nowadays.. maybe because I have too much to do and no time to think or may be because I am running away from thinking because I don’t want t o think about some of the issues which I don’t know when I would like to think about them.. why do I have to run away from them… ? ummm… because I am not ready to face them or may be I have faced them now and I don’t feel like doing it again because by facing it they don’t go away.. those issues stay there and doesn’t make life any easier..

The best part of blogging is that you don’t really need to be sensible at times.. you can  be very nonsense and after sometime when you are back to your senses, you can read your blog and can realize a hell about yourself – self realization.. 🙂

I think I must stop.. I can carry on like this for hours since the only work I have is not working at the moment and it makes me completely insane.. Also this headache comes and goes like I am a park and it is here for a stroll.. !!

I still love my life, my crazy situations and things not working out 🙂

Kids – They are an inspiration

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I like watching kids play outside, run after the ball, make new friends, fight with each other, lecture each other on what’s right and wrong, help each other to grow as a person.. It is amazingly fascinating..

These small creatures who have no life experience and we do not expect them to be the genius in a fight, they have this amazing power to turn our lives upside down by their intellectual thoughts!

They easily let a new person in their play group and they welcome him without asking anything in return. They are gracious by nature. They help and standby their mates without questioning and interrogating them, they simply believe and trust them. Kids fight with each other and then without any ego they apologize and make up. They don’t have any compulsions in life and they don’t let any compulsions to come in between what they want and themselves.. they are pure and true.. They inspire to live, smile and give second chances.. They balance us..

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

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