If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

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If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

This quote is taken from the very famous speech of Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.  This quote is part of the speech that Shylock gave to Antonio’s friend.  It has often been quoted as poignant and sharp defense of Human Rights.

 We are all humans and should be treated the same in all respects. All the deep rooted discriminations of the world – racial discrimination, gender discrimination or religious discrimination – should not rule anymore and by all humanitarian laws of nature it should not even exist in first place but well, that’s another debate. 

Anyone whether he/she is an Asian or American should be treated with same respect, kindness and attitude as the other. The hate emotions for a nation or community should be put to an end as it causes malice and wickedness. I am not talking about a single community or nation. I am talking about all humans of the world and so I do not and will not categorize them.

But is it that simple? Am I talking for the sake of putting forward an argument?

No, it is not simple and yes, this is an argument but not “for the sake of an argument”. This is an argument which I put forward every day when through every fair or unfair means this discrimination bites me or some other fellow human.

We have been wronged for a very long time. We have been consumed through these discriminations and injustice. The moral and ethical values have diminished and only what remains is the brutal murder of rights of humanity. Look at Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and now Libya; true examples of suppression and human rights violation. Apart from that if we look at the 1st world countries namely America and England, we can clearly see racial discrimination and injustice.

In this modern era where world celebrates the technological advancements, democracy, liberalism and justice. I just have one question to ask: what about all the people in Africa? What about the wars that have been started in the name of terrorism? What about the suppression in Palestine and Kashmir for so long? What about them? How can we celebrate such secondary advancements when we have built weapons to control human brains, when we do not work to stop the killings in Palestine and Kashmir, when our leaders do not stand by the words they deliver at big international conferences?

Uprising and protests are not indicators of democracy and liberalism. They are the symbols of injustice and suppression. The human race is still fighting; the war of injustice is what is fought every day when the world leaders celebrate justice and hypocrisy.

All we want is equality, sustainability, ethics, moral and compassion. We need to understand that we all bleed the same. As Martin Luther King said:  

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


Character Postmortem of “friend”

April 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

I feel guilty everytime I do anything for the sake of “friends” on the cost of me or my family. I stay guilty for a long time and I do raise my voice against this behaviour of those “friends” but Alas! they are nothing more than mean, selfish, me-centric and I-want-it-because-I-want-it types.

This post is dedicated to all those “friends” of mine.

Since I have given away the dedication.Now I would like to confess how I always felt and still do. This kind of behaviour is “mostly” experienced when you have a male friend well females can’t be excluded. I am not a feminist but this is really true that this kind of behaviour is reflected by men mostly. These “friends” never consider you as part of what they want. They are always focused on that they want and they don’t care what the other person goes through, if that person likes it or not, if they want to do it right now or not. I often wondered what if this same thing happens to them, what will they do? and then I got my answer. When the same thing happens to them and in their case the “friend” is not them but some other person, these people will shout, scream, yell and cross their limits because they are same as their “friend” they only care about what they want not what other wants or feel.

Personally talking, I am a very caring person. If I say no to anyone (It doesn’t matter what kind of friend that person is, even if he/she is a friend or not) I keep wondering and feeling guilty about how would that person do that thing, how hurt that person would be, what’s wrong with going a little out of the way and helping them.. but what I see in those “friends” is nothing like this. Which makes me happy that I am not this kind of a person and it makes me sad that I have such insensitive “friends” who want everything out of me at my cost but they won’t do anything for me, most of all they put me in this painful situation and enjoy when they get what they wanted. They don’t realize that it was something I did not enjoy. I loathed it to the degree that I regretted the day I befriended such people…

These people do not even care about you or your family or your compulsions or your wish, they would manipulate you to do things for them, they can even go to the red line of emotional black mailing and when you confront them, you won’t see any signs of guilt or admittance of wrong-doing. I wonder how these people breath? They load the other person with so much pressure, guilt and force that person to do something that he/she feels like living at the edge.

You must be wondering where is the confession part?

Read between the lines and think for yourself.

I have gone through these scenarios a lot of times.. so many times that I have lost count and it feels like impossible to get rid of these jerks. They act like consumers. They would consume every little tiny thing you have to offer in friendship.

As Lolo puts it, ” ‘Friends’ is the most over-rated word in human language and in relationship”. These words of wisdom shine brightly everyday as the wallpaper of my laptop but I am still unable to get rid of these “friends”. One reason for this is that even though I have realized that these people are nothing more than meany punks, I have also realized that I am better than them and I can do better than I have done and I try each day to out-smart them.

They should not be termed as “friends”. They should be termed as Mean, Selfish and Manipulative Animals. Yes, If anyone just felt the goose bump, I recommend that they apologize before it gets too late and keep a watch on their non-human desire of “I-want-it-because-I-want-it” before they become pain in the neck of their loved ones.

And yes, as always these MSM (mean, selfish and manipulative) animals will consider this as a sermon/lecture. So, if you just thought that you were given a lecture.. Congratulations! you just identified yourself as MSM!! Others who could relate to this scenario should stop being dumb and raise your voice, even if that means losing someone who you really love!

I really really hope that as much as I am putting an effort at not being the victim of MSM animals, I hope others will as well.. Though this has not been the kind of day I rate as best, this has not been the worst day because I realized and learned something today which I think I might not have if this day has not came..



P.S: Oh God! I’m so pissed.. 😮


April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I recently encountered a woman who is adamant to make my life as hell as possible. Let me tell you the whole story, I met this lady at the curve of my life. She was the first person I tried being friendly with on that curve. I had no idea how that curve would be, where will it take me.. I only knew one thing: It will be better and best for me. With this enthusiasm and energy I moulded myself to fit that curve and thought I found a friend.

This woman appeared to be humble and nice. Initially, I didn’t have to do anything as the friendship was new and premature. It was all good and weirdly normal. Gradually things took a strange turn, I saw that woman competing with me in everything.. However I was not competing with anyone. I tried to keep things as smooth and great as possible but as soon as time passed that woman became the exam and the curve started testing my patience and courage.

I don’t know what will be the end of this story but I know I will be the winner. I will let her compete and I will be as sweet as sugar but very vigilent.. I never let my guards down. I know not how to fight with such people but I know I have the best people with me and that:

   “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

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