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Just when I thought that life was going smoothly, the universe threw a curve ball at me three times this year! So, in short I thought for three times that life is going smoothly and I have adjusted to the change for good.

Surprise is another name of life. when you least expect it to surprise you, it will, When you want it to surprise you, it won’t. Life doesn’t go how you want it to. It is frustrating at times because the curves in your life might be ugly and you’re not prepared for it. A nice blend of prediction and surprise is refreshing and good. Though I’m not a great fan of surprises but well I can deal pretty well with this kind of surprise, it saves me from heart attack, panic attack, anxiety etc.

The first curve came around in feb. It was good. It was what I wanted as I am very addicted to it. So, I had to put it to an end. The next curve came just before my birthday. It was my promotion. It added responsibilities on my shoulder but it is a step ahead and I liked it though a lot things changed. I didn’t have experience in management and I mostly did it on my whim. The third curve is the wackiest! It’s related to the second curve. The learning graph of this curve is exponentially high and it is difficult than the others in terms of work, adjustment and communication.

How to deal with these surprises?

Contingency planning is one thing that I really appreciate. Always be prepared to be surprised is the key to duck when a curve ball is thrown at you. For a change surprise the universe 😉

I wasn’t really intending to write this but since i’m really short of time nowadays therefore this small post comes around. It just feels good to be back to my blog. It keeps me sane for all the odd reasons 🙂

P.s: I found this picture while googling and found it adorable ❤


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