flight of sun

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flight of sun

The most amazing sunset colors that I’ve ever seen.. 🙂


Points to remember

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My new year’s resolution:

  • Be vulnerable with people.
  • Never compromise your self-respect by altering your core beliefs.
  • Be realistic about your expectations of others.
  • Quit the passive-aggressive nonsense–be direct.
  • Accept that a large portion of life is laced with unknowns.
  • Embrace confrontation–it really is sometimes the only thing you can do.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Perfect Ending..

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I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.

 Gilda Radner

Life opposite of loneliness

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I have a friend who has lived her young adult life in a far away country from her home country. She talked at length about her experience of loneliness and home-sickness. How these feelings caught her up and she did things that she should not have done and then the realization and the change that made her what she is today.

Of all the things I’ve ever been told about loneliness are synonymous to nightmare. I have never experienced loneliness but I have experienced life opposite to loneliness. In no way I reject her remarks and experiences of loneliness. I am sure it would have been like that since man is a social animal but I will share a life opposite of loneliness today. Lonely people usually look at the perks of it but there is more than what meets an eye.

So in my country, we socialize in families and friends a lot. Our families have a heavy piece of say in every individual’s life. They share each and everything. If you mistakenly forget to share something with a person that person will get angry and make a huge deal out of it. This is all out of love as we say it here but it gets way too much when you do not wish to go on a family trip because you just don’t feel like or you do not want to do family business because you want to create your identity or you do not want to share your life with anyone in family because they use it in every other argument and then gossip about it later when there is nothing to talk about. There is no such thing as privacy. You cannot not share anything and everything. If you are seen with your friends by someone from your extended family or friends and you have not informed your family that you will be out with some friends. It will get to your mother’s or father’s ears before you have a chance to even come home and meet them. As infuriating as this might sound there are even more greater issues yet to be discussed.

Now since this is your life and you do not wish to pursue a highly paid career rather you would want to be a wanderer or free lance photographer this will also cause issues in your life. Even if your family agrees completely with your choice your parent’s social circle will torment them for letting their kids be who they want to be because in their opinion it’s not a right career path!

lets take an even smaller issue, you had a heart break or you do not wish to speak to anyone because you had a fight with a friend and you want to be alone. This can never happen in a family. It can be a good thing for sometime but not for most because there is a reason you do not wish to be among people. When you are forced to be among them and then if your temper breaks out of the chains of Be-Nice, you will be faced with emotional drama and hence a new story will begin where you will put your own issues on the back seat of life even before resolving them and take up theirs.

All I’m saying is that loneliness is not an issue. The issue is that we do not want to be vulnerable. Vulnerable to any situation where we cannot contain ourselves because man craves for alone time in the situation I just described above and wants to have people around him/her when is alone..*

Long ago..

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Long ago, when I could see

The sky was blue and grass was green

I walked a road down the link

The colors were bright and smiles were wide

The sun was yellow and the mood was mellow

Those are the memories of joy and bliss

But nowadays, the road is a mess

The strength of wreck is so intense

For I can see no way ahead

Long ago, it wasn’t like this.


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OMG! I am so in love with one out of my two favourite characters!

I wish I had the independence to do crazy stuff without being judged.. It would be so great. For once, instead of bottling the jinni inside I would be able to let it out and feel how it can make me feel without being scared of the consequences but I am not spontaneous or careless; this holds me back and forever will.

I wish my favourite character all the best! I hope the twist and turns take you to your destiny and makes you feel what I felt when I was at your stage but the ending should definitely be different. You make me happy 🙂 *hugs*


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The length of your recovery is determined by the extent of your injuries. And it’s not always successful. No matter how hard we work at it. Some wounds might never fully heal. You might have to adjust to a whole new way of living. Things may have changed too radically to ever go back to what they were. You might not even recognize yourself. It’s like you haven’t recovered anything at all. You’re a whole new person with a whole new life. – Grey’s Anatomy

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